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We think that learning a martial art as a means of self-defence is fantastic for your fitness, your self-awareness, your self-confidence and your self-control. But don’t just take our word for it, here are some testimonials from some of our current pupils (all of whom you can meet for yourself on a Monday night);

I joined the club when I was 6 years old and achieved my junior black belt at the age of 15. I particularly enjoy the emphasis on pressure [atemi] points and how these make even the simplest of techniques so much more effective.
Jack - Aged 15
Black Belt 1st Dan
I use to bring my son and daughter to the class each week and sit and watch from the side-lines. Two years ago a couple of the parents were coerced into joining in and we haven’t looked back since. The syllabus is absolutely fascinating and techniques work so well.
Mike - Aged 45
Blue Belt 5th KYU
I joined the club aged 7 and it has given me the self-confidence I needed to guide me through primary school, secondary school and now on to college. The techniques are designed for ‘real-life’ scenarios and are so easy to learn. It’s a skill for life that I’d certainly recommend to any other young girls.
Holly - Aged 17
Black Belt 1st Dan
I encouraged both my sons to join the club when they were very young and the difference it has made to their discipline and self-confidence is amazing. Now I do it myself!
John – Aged 42
Blue Belt 5th KYU
I joined the club this year [2015] and I love it. Its great fun and I like beating up the bigger boys!
Cameron – Aged 7 
Orange Belt - 7th Mon

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1st Dan (Black)


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7th Mon (Orange)


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Tony S

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7th Kyu (Orange)


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