Our Fees

Matt Fees

Single 1.5 hour session £5 per session

Parents of students £2.50 per session

New students receive 1 free session and there’s absolutely no pressure to join (we know it’s not for everyone but why not give it a try and see?)

If you prefer, just come along and watch a session – we’re always delighted to see new faces and you’ll be sure of a friendly welcome.

After 4 sessions, all new students will require a license from our governing association NTK Martial Arts. The license ensures you are properly insured and provides a record of your progression and any seminars you have attended. Your license must be kept up to date to ensure your insurance is valid. 

Gradings are conducted bi-annually and are overseen by our governing association NTK Martial Arts. Grading sessions are slightly longer than a normal session (approximately 2 hours) and cost £20 per pupil. This includes the normal matt fee, a grading fee, a certificate and belt.


For those attending for the first time, a t-shirt and tracksuit bottoms is perfectly sufficient.

When you become a member, you will want to purchase a lightweight, two-piece training ‘Gi’, which includes a hard wearing jacket, trousers and belt.

The gi is more than just a uniform but is a symbol of all that it means to be a martial artist. Keep it neat, keep it clean and wear it with pride.

The club has preferential rates with a martial arts clothing supplier or you can purchase your own online for as little as £15.

Club badges help personalise your Gi to the club and are available for a small fee.