HKJ - Combined Martial Arts

We are OPEN and practicing COVID-Secure training until social distancing restrictions have been lifted.

Our club specialises in teaching martial arts skills which are designed to give students of all ages the confidence to defend themselves against an attacker or when faced with an uncomfortable physical or verbal situation.

Our classes will teach you how to deal with potentially dangerous situations using proven techniques to defend, de-escalate or simply to give you the confidence to walk away.

Our classes are particularly suited to children, to help build their confidence and deal with bullying; to women, to help them feel empowered in confrontational situations and to men who simply wish to keep fit and learn new skills or to go on and compete.

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Our Club

Our club has boys and girls from the age of 6 upwards. There is no upper age limit as the techniques we use can be applied by any age and regardless of physicality or fitness level. READ MORE

Our Syllabus

With a focus on self-defence skills that can be applied quickly and easily in real life situations, we have a varied syllabus which incorporates the best techniques from a number of disciplines. READ MORE

Our Students

We think that learning a martial art as a means of self-defence is fantastic for your fitness, your self-awareness, your self-confidence and your self-control. But don’t just take our word for it, here are some testimonials from some of our current pupils. READ MORE

Our Instructors

The Japanese term for a martial arts teacher is ‘Sensei’. Our club’s Sensei’s have many years’ experience in a variety of martial arts. Their enthusiasm is infectious and, just like you, they all started as beginners! READ MORE

Our Fees

The club is run as not-for-profit organisation, which means we aim to keep our fees to an absolute minimum, to encourage as many to participate as possible. READ MORE

Our Association

Our club is associated to Nippon Traditional Kobudo and as such our instructors and members are bound by a certain rules and regulations aimed at safeguarding all our students. READ MORE

Self Defence

Self Defence and Personal Street Protection Courses

Self Defence and Personal Street Protection Courses

For schools, private groups, door staff, public sector organisations or community groups, we can offer tailor made courses in self-defence including basic control and restraint techniques and conflict management.

In the past we have delivered personal safety courses to Wigan council staff. Courses are broken down into two or three 4-hour classes in which we cover the law around self-defence and reasonable force, aggression avoidance and finally breakaway and defence techniques aimed at the non-martial artist.

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