The martial arts community is growing and growing and as our instructors reach out to other clubs and attend training courses in other disciplines, with other instructors, we will add their links here. 

Marcie Harding - Teacher and Founder  - Holywell Martial Arts

​Marcie first started training in Martial Arts nearly 30 years ago in the 1980's studying Shorinji Kempo (a Japanese system with Chinese Shaolin influences)

​She practised this system for several years before trying both Jujutsu and Kung Fu in the early 1990's.

​After a short break in training Marcie discovered the Filipino Martial Arts (Eskrima) and was hooked

Dacayana  - Dacayana UK & Europe

​The Dacayana System of Eskrima was founded by Grandmaster Alberto 'Jun' Dacayana of Cebu City, Philippines.

​The Dacayana system is very Effective, Unique and Beautiful.

​The training emphasis is on flow, precision, timing, body mechanics, control, footwork and form.

Irlam Mixed Martial Arts  - IMMA

A Mixed Martial Arts Gym (run by our Honorary Chief Sensei Lee Compton) offers a variety of classes,

Including: Wrestling, Thai Kick Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Gi & No Gi MMA and strength & conditioning

Nippon Traditional Kobudo - NTK Martial Arts

Miyabi Ryu Jujitsu Club (run by our Chief Grading Officer, Andy Wilshaw)  offers martial arts training in Jujitsu, Karate, Kobudo & self-defence classes